Saskatchewan Fiddlers' Space

Waiting to Start Again

Warm greetings to all of you.  Thank you for visiting this space page.

As an update of what has been happening with the Saskatchewan Fiddlers Association (SFA), it is presently dormant.  The organization has not folded, but there has been a period of inactivity since the last annual meeting of the SFA took place in spring 2007.  There have been no activities planned or organized since this meeting and our website at has been allowed to lapse.  This space page is meant to fill this void until other members of the Saskatchewan fiddling community can make time to resume this organization’s activities.

Over time, this space page will have some historical archives posted as to the organization’s activites and what it could become again with the right interest and people to resume the work of positively promoting and devleloping old time fiddle music in our province and networking with other fiddle organizations thoughout Canada and involved.  We had a positive impact on the development of Canadian fiddling between 1990 and 2007 and there are many who are hopeful that this can happen again.  As developments take place, you will be informed.

If you are living in Saskatchewan, and you either are a fiddler, play fiddle in a fiddle family, a member of a fiddle club or are just a fiddle fan, your contributions would be valued and deeply appreciated.  For those who have talent to play fiddle music, either as fiddlers or accompanists, we need a framework for our musical community to be networked and connected so that audiences can be built again, people taught to dance the dances again that make this music what it is, and to preserve our rich and storied history.  If we can have people who can freely give of themselves to help others become the best they can be and take a vision greater than themselves, this goal can be easily achieved as many hands will make less work for everyone and will give fruit to the past and present work of others.  Nobody else will do it for us except one person at a time.  That person could easily be you and a friend or two.  Please give thoughtful consideration to this offer and request.  We have had a quarterly newsletter, The Saskatchewan Fiddler as our main publication.  Our newsletter’s e-mail, is separate for any and all newsletter entries.

Thank you again for reading this page. You are welcome to contact us through the e-mail address  All things are possible if you only believe.